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This new Cancer treatment Hospital had lofty goals from the beginning for a patient experience–designers were asked to provide a building for Kirkland Cancer Center to support a warm and safe journey with a focus on inspiring SUCCESS in patients and families along the way.

This holistic center allows patients to receive convenient adjunct care and support in one place including radiation and oncology services, a healthy snack bar, a prosthetic and appearance shop, doctor’s offices, specialty counseling center, mediation chapel and an education center.

The designers job was not only to create a beautiful, uplifting space but a clean one in which immune compromised patients would be safe from cross contamination and infection through appropriate finish and furniture selection. Designers also designer a chair with custom frame and finishes which would further prohibit the spread of bacteria. Codes, visual and acoustic privacy were also driving design forces.

To continue the SUCCESS inspired philosophy the designers incorporated signage for each treatment bay with names instead of numbers (Winner, Champion, Conqueror) and created an oversized wall recessed “gong” for patients to strike upon completion of protocol…a sound of victory celebrated by families and staff.

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