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This Healthcare Design Magazine article focuses on the 5 key ingredients for a successful waiting room. As the healthcare environment continues to morph to fit the new needs of the population, the waiting room is forced to adapt as well. Today, branding is a growing trend seen in the waiting room where practices strive to create a continuous element throughout their offices in the region. By having a few coordinating elements, the patient feels a sense of ease with the similarity between the various waiting rooms. In addition to branding, the organization of the waiting room plays a key role in the patient experience. Better layouts, good lighting, hospitable furnishings, technology, and artwork work together to create a harmonious balance in the first impression area for medical practices. Adding a focal art piece relating to the region or using hospitality furniture to stray from an institutional look the space makes the area instantly more inviting. When these 5 attributes are combined they can create a lasting impression within the visiting patient to improve the overall visit to the medical establishment.

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