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This article found from TakePart highlights the extreme numbers associated with hospital acquired infection. The company PullClean introduces a product designed to place a hand sanitizing unit at the bottom of a door handle. Ideally, sanitizing your hands will be intuitive with this device. In addition, the product is equipped with a sensor to monitor how many staff members are frequenting this sanitizer. One study proved the effectiveness of the product starting with a 22% sanitation rate without the device, then ending with a 77% sanitation rate. With 1 in 20 hospital patients acquiring an infection due to being in a hospital, this persisting problem is in need of a solution. While hospital workers understand the need to sanitize, it can be a difficult task to remember between every interaction. Nurses and doctors will be reminded to sanitize when they enter a patient area with the new handles reminding of the risk ahead. We hope to see more innovative changes to reduce the risk of infection in healthcare environments across the board!

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