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The Georgia Alliance of Interior Design Professionals (GAIDP) is a legislative coalition that ensures interior designers are given the right to practice in the state of Georgia. In June 2010, Georgia legislation was passed that allows Registered Interior Designers to prepare and stamp their own drawings to submit for permit and requires that designers continue to take responsibility for the life safety and code compliance of a space.

GAIDP hires a lobbyist to stay current with legislation that could benefit or harm the design industry. Without GAIDP, a designer’s right to practice would be at stake.

Fellow designers and industry partners, please join GAIDP and be a voice for the design industry. Visit their website to read more about the organization and become a member. The cost to be a member is $50 per year. Currently, there are approximately 4,000 Registered Interior Designers in Georgia and only a fraction of which are GAIDP supporting members.

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