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Healthcare design includes design of any medical space, including those for animals. Currently, LeVino Jones is in the process of working on two veterinary medicine projects: North Georgia Veterinary Specialist’s Physical Rehabilitation Center and the University of Georgia Veterinary Hospital.

Having worked on their new Animal Hospital in 2011, LeVino Jones Medical Interiors is currently commissioned to provide design work for the North Georgia Veterinary Specialists’ (NGVS) new Center for Veterinary Physical Rehabilitation. Originally, the physical rehabilitation center was an in-house department in the hospital. After years of growth, they have decided to expand the rehabilitation department to be its own center.

Their “physical rehabilitation expert combines physical therapy experience from the human world with extensive training in veterinary rehabilitation to give pets in North Georgia a world-class rehabilitation experience. In fact, NGVS is one of only two practices in the entire region with this capability.” They “help pets regain optimal function after an illness or injury, and ensure they and their owners are supported throughout the entire recovery process.” Treatments include hydrotherapy, therapeutic ultrasound, therapeutic cold laser, acupuncture, chiropractic care, etc.

Designing a space for animals as well as humans presents its own challenges. Odor, noise, parasite control, special equipment needs, animal care and safety, and staff wellbeing are all kept in mind during the design process. LeVino Jones is selecting materials and finishes that are antimicrobial and durable.


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