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LeVino Jones Medical Interiors collaborated as the finish specifiers for Perkins + Will to incorporate newly-established standard finishes and fixtures at the Inpatient Burn Unit at Wellstar Cobb Hospital in Austell, Georgia.  Included in the two-phase renovation are a family waiting area, staff lounge & restroom, 8 private patient rooms with private restrooms, decentralized and centralized nurse stations, and support spaces for medication, supplies, etc.  The design featured introduction of the new finish, furniture, and art standards that Levino Jones and the Hospital team established in the Mock-Up Patient Room design.  The work we did transformed the public corridors and nurse work areas into a more updated and fresh appearance, while paying very close attention to infection control and ease of maintenance.  One strong concept for unifying the space was to put a unique image from nature as art in the room and to put a “sliver” of that image in a transparent film on the glass panel in the patient room entry door.  This identifies each room visually to help with wayfinding and art at the same time.

For more on this project and the great work being done at the Wellstar Cobb Inpatient Burn Unit, click on this link:

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