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Short on Space? Try Obeya by OFS!

Designed to be designed, Obeya by OFS is an eco-friendly panel system customized for the customer’s needs. This system features acoustic wall and ceiling panels that enable the user to create a room inside a room. The ability to build separate and private functions allows customers to make the most of their space.  

Before And After (Follow up Post from BBQ To ENT)

Check out this stunning transformation below!                                                                                                   […]

From BBQ to ENT

LeVino Jones Medical Interiors recently completed a project for Whitley Pediatric ENT in Roswell, Georgia.  The suite was previously a bar-b-que restaurant.  We were able to keep and reuse the tall ceilings, existing decorative light fixtures and even a garage door rather than send them all to the landfill. We were inspired by the industrial […]

Let The Uplift Chair Do All The Lifting

Whether a person is pregnant, has arthritis, or has had recent surgery, by simply pressing lever paddles on this chair’s arms, The Uplifter assists individuals to easily stand.  Functional and stylish, it comes in many designs and colors of customizable water-resistant antimicrobial fabric. Even more, the cushion is made of foam-infused cooling gel to keep […]

Taking LVT To A New Level

Parterre Flooring has just released a new innovative LVT flooring that can be applied on the floor AND walls! It is selection of timeless wood grain products designed to create artistic and classic herringbone and chevron patterns. Check out the link below!

Go With The Flow

Product: Intra Lighting – Tracker Summer Davis with Sesco Lighting introduced LeVino Jones to the beautiful Intra Tracker lighting.  Inspired by soft fluid forms of nature, these lights are the first of its kind to go beyond horizontal.

Walls That Come Alive!

Curved walls can create a beautiful and eye-catching presence in your office. Add a pop of color or a textured wallcovering, and you’ve created a work of art!

Art Niche

Art niches are a great and fun way to showcase your artwork in your suite. Want to add depth to your recessed art niche? Add a splash of sparkling wallcovering or a pop of color on the recessed wall!

Prayer Wall at Chapel at Wellstar Cobb Hospital

One element at the recently completed Chapel at Wellstar Cobb Hospital is a modern interpretation of the “Prayer Wall”.  Guests are welcomed with a place to privately write their requests on a card and then place the folded card in a non-grouted portion of the stacked stone.  They can take their writing instrument with them […]

Artwork Barn Doors

These beautiful artwork originals are actually barn doors! LeVino Jones Medical Interiors helped commission these paintings for use on sliding barn doors in a Plastic Surgery suite in Midtown Atlanta. The 8 foot by 3-foot doors served as large “canvases”  for the artist and became home to the stunning and unique female figure art collection. […]