Acoustics meet beauty with 3-Form

This week 3-Form Studio provided a very informative lunch and learn for the interior designers at LeVino Jones. 3-Form’s unique patterns are easily recognizable on surfaces and throughout spaces around us. In this CEU, LeVino Jones learned how 3-Form can effectively be used to help with the acoustics in a space. When designing a medical interior, sound plays a valuable role in the spatial planning. Patients do not want to hear their neighbors medical discussions nor vice versa, so sound barriers are added to help alleviate this problem. Through acoustical analysis, 3-Form has concluded that by adding a well placed geometric panel, sound is forced onto another surface to be absorbed or reflected. By incorporating absorbent materials into these panels, the materials offer a holistic solution to the sound at hand. Interior designers are now graced with 3-Form Solutions which provide customized acoustical panels for the walls or ceilings that are also pieces of art. Be sure to use their online configuration tool to design it to  fit your project! Below is one of our favorite installation images: