ADORE your floors!

Adore luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is a unique alternative to the traditional LVT for healthcare designers. Not only does Adore provide great wood patterns, they also offer look-alike cork, travertine, carpet, slate and other various types of stone tiles. Aside from the aesthetic qualities, Adore flooring is also great for healthcare facilities because of the physical properties. The company is extremely conscious of their effects on the environment. They manufacture sustainable products, recycling previously used sheet vinyl, PVC, and other recyclable vinyls to create their LVT. Sustainability is important, but making sure flooring is anti-microbial in certain areas of a healthcare facility is crucial. With their Nanosilver technology, the silver in the LVT creates an anti-microbial element without harming humans. With all this helpful information on sustainable, unique LVT, I hope this leads to a new world of flooring designs in healthcare environments!