Children + Technology = Happier Patients

In a world where our phones are replacing watches and any moment of down time is spent on our smart phones, it’s no surprise that children fall into this same category of technology users. Almost every child can pick up an iPad and within a few moments, navigate through the apps to find some kind of game that fits their taste. Outpatient Surgery Magazine performed this study to determine which method of distraction worked best on pediatric patients undergoing a procedure. The research team gave 108 patients either oral midazolam or an Apple iPad mini filled with age appropriate games when they departed from their parents. The children with iPads were encouraged to play whatever game they fancied until being administered anesthesia. It may be obvious, since we see this on a day to day basis, but the children occupied with games experienced drastically lower anxiety when compared with the midazolam patients. This seems like such an easy solution to ease both the pediatric patient as well as the parent waiting. With more and more handheld smart devices, televisions are being replaced and becoming obsolete in waiting rooms. This product recommendation doesn’t fall into the interior design category, but this research is something that we couldn’t help but share. What method of entertainment does your office utilize?