Congratulations, interns!

Today marks the end of the semester and the portfolio review for Atlanta Art Institute. Two of the interior design graduates (and LeVino Jones interns), Natoya Bowen and Ymani Tannis showcased their final project with unique and innovative designs. Natoya looked to the Native American term Kiva for inspiration in her hospitality project. With rendered images of the various spaces throughout the hotel, Natoya highlighted the ritual idea of Kiva using architectural, graphic, and textural elements. Ymani drew her inspiration from the Roaring 20’s. Room names and themes throughout the space added a fun  element to the overall design. Her project, Razzle Hotel in Manhatten detailed the hotel from the specific furniture to art features relating to this time period. Both graduates highlighted their design training and demonstrated their professionalism to everyone at the portfolio review. LeVino Jones is happy to have such impressive interns!