Why Should I Consider Barn Doors for Exam Rooms, Office, or Clinic Spaces?

What’s new in Space Reduction for Medical Office Suites?

There are many ways to decrease rentable square footage.  One solution includes the use of commercial-quality “Barn Doors” for exam rooms, offices or clinical spaces. Barn doors are sliding doors suspended from a rod over the doorway, mounted on the corridor side of a room.  The doors are slightly larger than the door opening to allow for overlap to give visual and acoustical privacy.

Because the barn door does not swing into exam room, the “footprint” of the door swing (nearly 9 square feet) no longer exists and allows more useable space in the exam room; it also can allow a slightly smaller exam room or clinical work area.

Some considerations: commercial barn doors can be more expensive and present acoustical challenges with sound leaks around the door edge.  Most door manufacturers can provide dampers or gaskets to reduce sound migration.  Barn doors cannot be used as exits in corridors due to code reasons.

Visit our photo gallery to see successful barn door installations in a pediatrics suite, a neurosurgery center and a plastic surgery suite