Daylight: Helpful or Hurtful in Surgery?

Many studies have proven the positive effects of daylight on your personal well being, but recent research is proving that daylight also has a place in the surgical room. This article by Anne DiNardo with Healthcare Design Magazine explains methods to help the surgical room have the best light for the procedure at hand. In some cases, darkness is preferred. However, in those areas, the healthcare designer can assist the practice by employing interior shading to redirect both light and heat to other areas in the clinic. Triple-pane glazing has been found to filter the UV light and reduce heat–thus acting as a shield for the patients. Interestingly, this practice has been occurring in Europe for years due to more narrow building structures overseas. With wider buildings in the US, it is more difficult to utilize this use of natural light everywhere, but it will be interesting to learn how daylight can play a part in surgery. More studies are in process to understand how daylight can influence the outcome of both the procedure and the patient. Stay tuned!