Do You Know Where to Locate Your Healthcare Facility?

So, you want to create a new healthcare facility. Congratulations, if you’re reading this then you’re well on your way to finding all of the means to providing an outstanding and thoughtful healthcare environment. This article  by Judson Orlando and Clinton Compton helps establish a check list of goals while you’re planning.

First, have you defined the market? Decide what type of medical service you would like to provide and the distance you believe patients are willing to travel to fill that need. If you are providing specialty care, patients are usually more willing to trek a longer distance when compared to a primary or obstetric physician. During this step, be sure to look at other factors such as transportation, ease of public facilities, and proximity to interstate (not solely geographical features).

Next, what is the service area growth? Consider not only the current population, but the expected future population. Look to reputible sources such as the U.S. Census Bureau as well as other government committees for projection profiles. By assessing the current limit of business and comparing with the physicians productivity rate, a future growth rate can be estimated.

Do you know the market share or the current system capacity? Before construction begins, assess the current and future scheduling and organization for providers. Take a look at the full article on the healthcare design magazine site to find the major points discussed elaborated. Talk with your developer, broker, and your interior designer for their assessment before making any decision.

Once you’ve reached a conclusion, call upon your favorite healthcare designers to assure your space looks as good as it possibly can. 🙂