Have I Planned for Enough Storage in my Medical Office?

When you plan your next medical office or think about expanding your current one, consider the space needed for closets, cabinets and storage of all kinds!  Even in this digital age, the need for storage and a place for everything is vital to an organized practice!

Even when using wall attached storage, double check your plans to be sure you have considered a storage footprint for:

  • Business supplies
  • Medical supplies
  • Clean linen
  • Soiled linen
  • Medical Gas tanks
  • Biohazard and medical waste
  • Janitor closet with cleaning supplies (where not provided within base building)
  • Drug Samples
  • Brochures
  • Bulk storage
  • Coffee and break room disposables, coffee cups, etc.
  • IT server racks and phone boards
  • Coats in cooler climates
  • HVAC systems (in older buildings)

Much of this can fit neatly into a 10 square foot (2×5 foot) closet and some into overhead wall cabinets, but not all.  Remember to plan for storage when planning your space!