How the Affordable Care Act Can Affect How You “See” Spaces

It’s amazing how the use of color can enhance a space, create a mood, and give a space a certain energy. Sherwin Williams, an industry leader in paints and color forecasting,  has published a “Color Markets” paper on Heath and Wellness Facilities  that describes how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has created incentives to promote people to live healthier lifestyles.  Although we may not all agree on the benefits and practices of the ACA, we can agree that we need to take better care of our own health.   In this paper, Sherwin Williams describe the direction that employers are encouraging, specialized programs available, and  three different color palettes that can encourage various behaviors.    As medical interior designers, we understand how the use of color can affect behaviors and have often used these and similar color palettes in the areas described, especially in wellness centers and pediatric areas.  Next time you visit a healthcare facility, pay attention to the colors used and how that affects your attitude and overall perception of the space.