LeVino Jones Medical Interiors: ‘We’re different – but not changing’

ATLANTA, August 26, 2021 – Selling a business can change everything – for owners, staff, and clients. Which is exactly what Alison LeVino Jones didn’t want when she decided to sell the medical interior design firm she founded in 1988.

“We’re highly specialized in the interior design world,” says Jones. “A client recently told me ‘If niche is what you want to be, you’re a dot.’ So, it was important to me that our new owners would keep the integrity of what we’ve built for the medical and healthcare community.”

That’s exactly what Jones found when she met Phil Mulford, Brian James, and TJ Monachino. Not only did the management group commit to protecting the firm’s niche offerings, they also presented her with a compelling strategic vision for growth.

Today, the firm announced the finalization of the sale of LeVino Jones Medical Interiors, Inc. The new owners will bring additional focus and resources to the operations of the firm, enabling expansion into more medical and healthcare spaces. Mulford will serve as the company’s new president, effective immediately.

“LeVino Jones already had an exceptional ‘product,’ a fantastic reputation, and a team that does excellent work,” says Mulford. “This was a firm that had grown entirely by word of mouth and client referral. We knew that taking on the day-to-day operation of the firm would free Alison and Associate Sandy Boyette to do what they do best – which is to understand and design to the highly specialized and very specific needs of the healthcare community.”

In its email announcement to clients, Jones explained: “We’re different – but not changing. We’re still LeVino Jones. We’re still the design firm that focuses only on medical interiors. We’re still delivering personalized service to our clients.”

LeVino Jones will maintain its Atlanta headquarters and current staff. Both Jones and Boyette will continue to provide design and project management services, including medical interior design, space planning, construction documents, furnishings, and finishes. Mulford will focus his efforts on operations, including business development, finance, HR, and marketing.

“My partners and I are beyond excited to lead LeVino Jones into its next illustrious chapter,” he says. “The firm will continue to be instrumental in creating environments that serve the needs of medical professionals and their patients.”

About LeVino Jones Medical Interiors

LeVino Jones is an international, niche interior design firm headquartered in Atlanta, focused exclusively on the transformation of medical spaces and healthcare settings.  The LeVino Jones team has designed over 12 million square feet of healthcare-related interiors, including medical campuses; research, laboratory, and cancer centers; medical office and dental suites; public health and women’s centers; medical and pharmacy retail storefronts and medi-spas. The award-winning firm has been recognized for excellence with 18 design awards for healthcare projects including one for medical furniture design.

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