Medical Marijuana Dispensary Design

On Wednesday, April 17, 2019, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed the bill to allow for limited, low-potency THC oil dispensing and purchasing in the state of Georgia.   The law gives pharmacies priority for distributing the drug, while allowing a state commission to seek out independent retail locations if it determines that a need exists.  Click on the link for more information on the law:–regional-govt–politics/medical-marijuana-oil-sales-signed-into-georgia-law/qUIeTcvR49opFbsB5MU36H/

LeVino Jones Medical Interiors provides design services for pharmacies, including medical cannabis pharmacies.  These clinical spaces are different from a recreational cannabis “shop”. A medical pharmacy dispenses medical-grade cannabis product using a physician’s prescription.  In a medical cannabis pharmacy, entry, product selection and “shopping” are carefully controlled and include a robust security protocol as well as surveillance. Additionally, many display items, including ‘product’ are displayed on a “no-touch” basis.

The owner of Haven, a new state-regulated medical cannabis dispensary in Brandywine, Maryland (shown below) commissioned LeVino Jones Medical Interiors to provide design services for their new pharmacy.  Services included space planning consultation and modifications; interior design documentation; cabinetry, lighting, furniture, finishes, and product display design for this unique specialty pharmacy.

This pharmacy owner, a Board-Certified physician, wanted a clean, modern and professional look.  Inside the dispensary, brand colors were used only as an accent, to allow the product to stand out against the crisp, white, modern finishes and lighting. The design concept is based on elevating the professional appearance and ambiance of the space while the pharmacy, staff and services elevate the professional delivery of medical cannabis to the community.