New Innovative LED Lighting

Don’t be a square! Traditional overhead lighting squares and rectangles might be becoming a thing of the past as JLC Tech’s T-Bar LED offers elegant and sophisticated alternative. The LED fixture is integrated with the ceiling “T” grid support and is installed when the grid is installed.

JLC’s local product representative introduced this innovative product to LeVino Jones staff and we were smitten. JLC Tech states their T-Bar LED is less expensive and easier to install—is now available to use everywhere from waiting rooms to procedure rooms.  Not only is the T-Bar LED a beautiful lighting solution, the hardware occupies less space and offers more acoustical control than traditional 2×2 or 2×4 light fixtures within a lay-in ceiling. Click here to see some of their projects!

(The projects listed below are not affiliated with LeVino Jones Medical Interiors and are shown for visual concept only)