Out of date millwork? Give it a face lift!

So you’re thinking that the millwork in your office is dated? Di-Noc is the product for you. This film was originally designed for application to the outside panels of automobiles. This tough construction to withstand the wear and tear of the natural world makes it ideal for high traffic and high volume spaces . With these strengths, it has become an indispensable tool for many architects and interior designers when creating  special features and effects. These functional films are widening the possibilities for renovation budgets everywhere. Di-Noc can be used on metal, wood, and glass thereby making it ideal for casework, doors, columns, and walls. Do you want to make your plain countertop look like real wood? Or transform a dull panel to match your vibrant new color scheme? With reliable 3M technology, Di-Noc can be applied quickly and with ease  allowing for a seamless transformation within your space. Being a stain resistant product, Di-Noc is popular within medical interiors (and among those interior designers). Peruse 3M’s installation images for design inspiration!