How Can I Use Space More Efficiently in a Tight Exam Room?

A few thoughts:

  • Look into the steel pre-made modular casework which has a smaller footprint. Typically, these units are anywhere from 3-5 feet long and only 18″ deep, which is 6″ less projection into a room than conventional cabinetry at 24″ deep. These units contain a small (bar size) hand wash sink with trash drop, work/counter space and overhead storage. An added benefit is that they are not “built-in” so are easily removed and can be taken to your next space when needed.


  • A properly placed door (to swing against a wall) will save space over a privacy (reverse swing) door.
  • A sliding door (“barn” door) at the corridor side completely removes the space taken by the hinged door (nine square feet!!).


  • In pediatric offices, minimize space by making the exam table and cabinets as one unit. This efficient set-up can accommodate an exam table, provider tablet/computer area, storage, trash, and pull out step-up stool.

  • Consider a wall-mounted stand up computer workstation that vertically holds a CPU, monitor, & keyboard. This will save considerable space over a sit-down desktop area for the physician and can put the patient in direct visual connection with the provider.