How Do I Save Space, but Still Promote Medical Point-of-Sale Products?

Space Saving Tips:

Most product displays for medical point-of-sale items such as podiatry footwear accessories, dental hygiene items, dermatology or med-spa skincare products can be beautifully located on walls instead of taking up expensive square footage and walkway areas.

When considering check-out product display, think about moving these smaller items from already crowded check-out countertops to nearby walls.  This simple move allows for a more intentional display of product away from business items, allows space for “Try Me” testers to support sales and can be beautifully lit to highlight products.

Another trend is to additionally locate these “Try Me” stations in the reception / wait where there is a “captive audience” and time to learn about a product.

Walls already in place?  The space between the studs (usually about 16 inches) makes for a perfect recessed vertical display niche with glass shelves at check-out with just enough room for a mini-spot light.