What is silver technology?

Silver technology is a term being heard more and more in healthcare environments. But, what does this mean? Where does it come from?

Hospitals and healthcare environments are confronted with patient infection acquisition during a hospital stay. Hand washing and other manual acts are not 100% effective. With much of the surfaces in patient rooms made up of soft surfaces (bedding, sheets, gowns, cubicle curtains, and fabrics), the fabric companies found this opportunity to advance infection control. Previously, the soft surfaces were tough to clean and even tougher to treat once infected with bacteria. ArcCom introduced the product X-Static with a layer of 99.9% pure metallic silver. The silver addition to the fabric adds a shield that permanently inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi. Thanks to this new technology, upholstery and cubicle curtain fabrics used in medical spaces can now promote infection control and the risk of cross contamination to humans.