What tickles your funnybone?

LeVino Jones designers’ Rachel Barefoot and Laura Siler attended this years’ Healthcare Design Conference in Orlando, Florida. In the midst of hundreds of new healthcare design products, one in particular stood out, CF Stinson‘s new pediatric fabric line: Funnybone.

In a healthcare environment, the patient’s well-being takes priority. In addition to the necessary and practical properties of a patient room fabric, this line of fabric was designed with a younger patient in mind and showcases an i-spy, maze, riddle, and other hidden gems for a youthful patient (and parent) to discover. While awaiting a

doctor visit or pending results, Funnybone allows the patient to search for animals amongst a maze or spy a giraffe in a sea of under water creatures. The fabric is beautifully intuitive to the mindset of a child. CF Stinson designed this award winning line bringing laughter and excitement to the upholstery and cubicle curtains surrounding the patient.