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Tucked Away Display

Strategically placed near check-out for assistance, this small niche displays products offered for sale by this practice. Storage below offers a lockable space for product.

A little surprise

At the end of the corridor welcomes patients into the physician’s office and consult space. a simple drywall niche includes a MR16 spotlight with a textured wall surround.

Who says an ADA desk has to be predictable? 

This modern angled solid surface top sits above glass tile reception desk wrap. the angle takes the desk top from stand up desk height to a 34″ ADA check-in height.

A positive distraction!

In every patient exam room there is a wall to be examined and a puzzle to be solved. The busy murals created for this practice vary by room and allow children waiting for the provider an eyeful of activity and lots to talk about!

Standing Room Only!

The providers of this efficient pediatric group can observe a patient and talk while they are at eye level on the table. this efficient desk/table allows for computer work, a trash drop, supplies, and exam area within steps.

How to Save 9 Square Feet!

When space is a premium, consider a space saving and beautiful barn door. This wood and glass door slides away to allow access into a staff break room but closes for staff conferences and noisy lunch hours!

What’s in a Theme?

This progressive pediatric practice chose an organic “splat” shape to repeat as a theme throughout their space. Inexpensive and fun, this space keeps appearing as a fun host for signage, wall design, and reception desk facade.