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Reproductive Biology Associates Refresh

Reproductive Biology Associates is Atlanta’s 30,000 square foot premier in-vitro fertilization center. Levino Jones Medical Interiors provided interior design services ten years ago and were recently asked to freshen its facility. As seen in the photo, the new finishes were combined harmoniously with the existing finishes showing how an upgrade can improve a space.  

Design vs. Decorating

K.Chavon Designs clears up the common misconception between design and decorating. Follow the link below to read the full article and see how design and decorating are quite different. “It is said that Americans spend 90% of their time indoors. 90% of your life is spent inside of a structure that had to be designed […]

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Daylighting and Reflective Flooring

Providing ample daylighting in healthcare facilities has been proven to improve the moods of staff and patients as well as reduce stress levels. There are many strategies to improve daylighting. Armstrong has recently shed light on an approach that is often overlooked: flooring materials. Using flooring that has an increased reflectance value allows more artificial and […]

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What’s your color personality?

You might be surprised! During a recent product presentation from our PPG paints and coating representative, we were shown an interesting color quiz to help us find out our color personalities. After taking the quiz, my result was “Color Crush”, which is exactly right for my personality and color preference. Without knowing that my color […]

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How the Affordable Care Act can affect how you “see” spaces

It’s amazing how the use of color can enhance a space, create a mood, and give a space a certain energy.    Sherwin Williams, an industry leader in paints and color forecasting,  has published a “Color Markets” paper on Heath and Wellness Facilities  that describes how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has created incentives to promote […]

Do you know where to locate your healthcare facility?

So, you want to create a new healthcare facility. Congratulations, if you’re reading this then you’re well on your way to finding all of the means to providing an outstanding and thoughtful healthcare environment. This article  by Judson Orlando and Clinton Compton helps establish a check list of goals while you’re planning. First, have you […]