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Adjustable Restrooms: Is this the future for ADA?

This week, LeVino Jones learned about a new concept for healthcare restrooms. Pressalit introduced a bathroom sink, toilet, and shower seat on a bar system to adjust the height and width of these restroom amenities. With an array of body types visiting each restroom, the system can move vertically or horizontally to fit the needs of patients in compromising […]

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Out of date millwork? Give it a face lift!

So you’re thinking that the millwork in your office is dated? Di-Noc is the product for you. This film was originally designed for application to the outside panels of automobiles. This tough construction to withstand the wear and tear of the natural world makes it ideal for high traffic and high volume spaces . With these strengths, it […]

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Which antimicrobial surface is right for you?

Do you know the world’s most effective antimicrobial touch surface material? Copper!  With Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) contributing to more than $35 billion in cost annually, contaminated touch surfaces are one of the many causes adding to this extensive cost. While hand washing and other infection control methods are helping the issue, HAIs are increasing at a rapid […]

What is silver technology?

Silver technology is a term being heard more and more in healthcare environments. But, what does this mean? Where does it come from? Hospitals and healthcare environments are confronted with patient infection acquisition during a hospital stay. Hand washing and other manual acts are not 100% effective. With much of the surfaces in patient rooms […]

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A Better Way to Avoid Slips and Falls

Good news for Healthcare Interior Designers! The new DCOF (Dynamic Coefficient of Friction) introduces a new industry standard in place for measuring the slip resistant properties of a flooring material. This provides better information for slip resistance than the minimal and previously used standard. This new test measures dynamic friction (movement) across the surface and […]

What tickles your funnybone?

LeVino Jones designers’ Rachel Barefoot and Laura Siler attended this years’ Healthcare Design Conference in Orlando, Florida. In the midst of hundreds of new healthcare design products, one in particular stood out, CF Stinson‘s new pediatric fabric line: Funnybone. In a healthcare environment, the patient’s well-being takes priority. In addition to the necessary and practical […]