Chapel at Wellstar Cobb Hospital

Chapel at Wellstar Cobb Hospital

LeVino Jones teamed up with Perkins + Will to prepare this special place to encourage spiritual wellness for both staff and guests. LeVino Jones prepared the documents regarding visioning, finishes, artwork, signage, and furniture. The goal was to acknowledge how a diversity of religions worship and based on that, create a space that would provide everyone with a respite of peace and encouragement

During the design process, the chaplain wrote us: “Very special! … thank you so much for capturing our dreams and wishes. Your presentation was lovely and inspiring.”
After the Chapel’s long-anticipated grand opening, the chaplain wrote us again: “I have enjoyed hearing all the ‘Wow! The Chapel is awesome’ comments the last few weeks. It is very special for our staff.”

The chapel now provides staff and visitors with a place that they can escape from their daily challenges and reflect on the hope and faith within.

What Our Clients Say


“When we met with Sandy Boyette to discuss our dreams for the chapel we spoke of wanting a sacred space open to all faith groups. Sandy took that idea and ran with it! Our Chapel incorporates design elements from five major faiths that are welcoming and inviting. From the Himalayan Salt Wall to the modern interpretation of the “Prayer Wall” to the unique lighting and artwork she weaved together a tapestry of spirituality that welcomes and inspires all who visit this tranquil space.”

Rev. Raymond G. Coffman, MA BCC
Manager of Spiritual Health