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When designing your dental practice’s interior, you want to create an efficient and functional office for patients and dentists. While you can choose a general interior designer to optimize your space, they may not know what equipment you need, where to place it and what your staff requires to ensure they can treat patients effectively. For the best results, you need a team that specializes in medical interior design.

At LeVino Jones, we provide interior design services for healthcare facilities, making us a reliable choice whether you need interior design and space planning for oral surgery centers, or a renovation of your current dental office. With over 30 years of experience, our team will create a floor plan that addresses your organization’s unique workflow and specific challenges for superior results.

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“Ms. Alison Jones and her staff provided creative, as well as logistical services in renovating our existing 5000 square foot clinic. In addition, her company designed a 5000 square foot state- of- the- art surgical operatory classroom training facility. The firm’s organizational skills were critical in completing the project within budget, as well as consistent with my expectations. They spent time understanding our desires, as well as our vision for the facility. They used their vast knowledge and creativity to achieve a final result that surpassed what we had envisioned.”

Dr. Edward Mills, D.D.S.
Atlanta Center for Restorative Dentistry

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Interior Design for Dental Offices

Ultimately, dental office space planning requires considering functionality as much as aesthetics. An effective dental office design becomes a well-oiled machine that can enhance your dental career for greater efficiency and less stress. By choosing a healthcare practice interior design firm such as LeVino Jones, you will have access to experts in the dental office design field. As we develop your floor plan, we will ensure your orthodontic office design meets local and state regulations for improved safety and efficiency.

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The LeVino Jones Design Process

With our unique design process, we will create a dental office layout that increases workflow to help you and your staff save valuable time. Our streamlined four-step procedure involves:

  1. Programming and space planning: During the initial design stage, we create a custom concept for your office. From this layout, our dental interior designers will walk you through why we made specific decisions and learn more about your preferences.
  2. Design development: The LeVino Jones team will verify site conditions to incorporate existing features such as plumbing and lighting into our design. We will also determine specific needs such as cabinetry, walls and other components before beginning construction.
  3. Construction administration: We are here to support you throughout the entire construction process with our administration services. Depending on your practice’s specific needs and location, the LeVino Jones team will perform tasks such as evaluating and assisting in the bid award, monitoring site construction and completing a final walk-through.
  4. Completion and refinement: Due to our many years in business, the LeVino Jones team has many connections with retailers to help clients find specific furniture and other pieces that complement their dental clinic design. Some of the smaller details our team can assist with include selecting and specifying which furniture pieces and fabrics meet your practice’s vision and crafting wall logos to create consistent messaging through numerous exam rooms and practice locations. 

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Experience the LeVino Jones Difference

Providing efficient and patient-centered dental care begins and ends with your dental office’s layout. At LeVino Jones, we are passionate about helping all dental practices reach their full design potential. As a nationwide healthcare design company, our team can meet with you remotely to learn more about your practice’s needs to create compelling building compositions.

Whether you are moving into a new office space or want to enhance an existing location, we encourage you to experience the LeVino Jones difference by booking a no-obligation dental office design consultation with our team today!