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Roswell Pediatric Center's reception area with glowing blue counters, geometric lighting, and a full logo wall

National Healthcare Design Consulting

At LeVino Jones, we understand that health care is one of the most dynamic and demanding industries. Being in business since 1988, you can rely on our team to develop accurate solutions for health care facilities. Our streamlined approach and virtual conferencing options let our team bring your design to life regardless of your location.

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Finding Comprehensive Solutions

Our team will utilize their expertise and analytical tools to develop creative solutions and enhance any project. By applying an innovative approach and a unique perspective, we create designs to foster high-performing health care facilities.

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Luna Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa's pristine waiting area with product wall and diamond lighting

Changing the Future of Health Care Facilities

We begin our online medical office design consulting by helping providers imagine how they want their facility to look. Once we understand your vision, we explore creative solutions to achieve these goals.

Our services allow customers to explore different designs to make accurate, data-based decisions. Clients can use our consultation services for current projects to determine their design or estimate pricing before buying a new facility.

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Full view of Kirkland Cancer Center examination room with warm wood accents

Patient-Centered Experiences

World-class design starts and ends with your patients. At LeVino Jones, we are passionate about creating human-centered healing spaces. When you choose us for your design consultation services, we will transform your ideas into meaningful building concepts and reinforce your commitment to compassionate patient care.

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Unique lighting and ornate seating counter with stools
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Our streamlined services will help you explore your options and quickly bring your design to life. We help you get back to what matters most — providing comprehensive care. We proudly serve clients throughout the country, and our team can meet with you through remote medical office space planning.

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