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Healthcare Space Planning

For many medical practitioners, owning a large medical facility or several facilities is the definition of success. However, when making the facility building as efficient as possible, many fail to consider health-care strategic space planning. At LeVino Jones, our goal is to understand spatial needs, especially in organizations that have expanded, downsized or reorganized.

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What We Do

Space planning for healthcare facilities can help customers visualize their current or future setup to assist in the design and construction process. We can perform a test fit before you purchase a facility, finalize the space plan, complete the permittable documents, and help guide the remainder of the project.

As a premier medical space planning company, LeVino Jones includes a team of expert healthcare designers in facility planning and operational improvement. Our experience and analytics tools provide accurate direction that meets your practice’s needs. We offer creative solutions to optimize patient care, improve underutilized space and maximize revenue.


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Meeting Client’s Needs

At LeVino Jones, our team will help determine your practice’s necessities and create a plan that meets operational goals, capital constraints, strategic initiatives and regulatory requirements. We meet client needs through medical office layout planning services such as:

  • Layout: Defining how all aspects of your health care facility can work together to achieve your design goal.
  • Consensus building: We will ensure all stakeholders come to a unanimous decision before moving forward with any step.
  • Space utilization: Our team will learn who will occupy the facility, how the design can best benefit their needs, and the best way for patients and staff to maneuver through the space.
  • Codes and regulations: During the medical office layout planning process, we will consider building code and landlord regulations for the safety, health and welfare of all patients and staff.
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Some of the questions we will ask throughout the health care space planning process are:

  • What is your schedule
  • What is your space’s function?
  • What types of spaces are needed, such as waiting areas, labs, or conference rooms?
  • How many people will access the suite?
  • Will the rooms include medical equipment or special furniture?
  • Do you need to be able to move the equipment in and out of the space?
  • Will you need help specifying new furniture, signage and/or artwork?
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Bring your design vision to life with doctor’s office floor planning from LeVino Jones today! Our expert team provides comprehensive medical office design and documentation that you can use to examine space in a new building or to plan your office  remodel. Book a consultation to learn more about our space planning services for health care facilities!