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At LeVino Jones, we believe that helping medical providers transform their space through interior design starts with understanding their and their patients’ needs. Our interior design process focuses on creating transformational spaces to improve patient experiences, practice profitability and team productivity. During our 30+ years in business, we have developed a straightforward approach to health care interior design that allows us to create healing spaces patients and staff can enjoy.



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What Is the LeVino Jones Design Process?

The longevity of any medical space relies on patient welfare and employee retention. By keeping our clients’ success at the front of our minds, we can design health care spaces to improve patient experiences and practice profitability.

While we pride ourselves on creating effortlessly beautiful medical spaces, this process does not happen overnight. During our decades in business, our team has put significant effort and creativity into designing various functional health care spaces.

The LeVino Jones process involves four major stages guided by our unique interior design principles to create functional spaces for health care practices:

Modern examination room with sliding doors - Polaris

Phase One

Our design process starts with the client. Our medical office interior designers will sit down with you and ask detailed questions so we can understand as much as possible about you, your practice and how revamping your space will help you reach your goals. Understanding your practice and your team on a deeper level will help us create a design concept that effectively meets your needs.

The first phase is a transformative process for many clients, as our team will go into the core of the design and how you envision the final product. We will also take this time to define a design direction for your space and tailor the plans to how you want the final product to look and feel.

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Full view of eyewear display wall at Children's Eye Care and Surgery of Georgia

Phase Two

Phase two of our process involves developing an overall concept for your design. During this stage, our team will consider the daily operations of your suite or building and ask questions such as:

  • How many staff members do you have or plan to have?
  • What services do you offer?
  • How much space do you need for growth?

Our concept plans typically account for future expansions, and we work to creatively integrate these space allowances into your office for fewer disruptions and more revenue opportunities. While it might seem that we are planning very far ahead, learning more about your space’s intended function will allow us to create a practical concept to align with your practice’s needs.

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Full view of nurse area in Kirkland Cancer Center with stunning glowing accent fixture on counters

Phase Three

After completing phase two, our design team will begin phase three and create a moodboard. This moodboard will feature an initial concept with colors, materials and other points of inspiration to help our clients visualize the design. We will typically create two design options for clients that incorporate their specific requests.

The initial designs we create will also factor in the square footage of your space and how many people will be in any room at any given moment. Our team has experience designing a wide variety of medical facilities and will allocate the correct amount of space for your workflow and any specific requirements for your practice.

Our medical interior design experts can also perform a feasibility assessment to determine how much square footage your practice will need. This service is ideal for clients who are still looking for a suitable space. With our assessment, you will have a square footage in mind to help narrow down your options and give you the peace of mind that we can apply our design services after your purchase.

You can trust our expert team to account for how many people will use your space and any additional needs for medical procedures. Aside from ensuring these spaces are practical and comfortable, our team is also familiar with all medical building codes to ensure your design complies with all local and federal guidelines.

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Eastside Women's care room with modern seating, countertop, and machinery

Phase Four

While we are communicating with you and learning more about your needs, our design team will work to plan the space and create a layout for the floor plan. After we finalize the design and receive your approval, we will begin the furniture consultation. Our designers will guide you to many retailers to help you find specific pieces to enhance your overall design.

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Homey office with glass sliding doors and meeting room area
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