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Much like a job interview, first impressions are vital for cannabis dispensaries. Your medical marijuana dispensary’s design is crucial, and you must have a solid workflow to help customers safely and efficiently move through your store.

At LeVino Jones, we provide expert design consulting services and can help you transform your cannabis dispensary to meet your business goals. Our team has decades of experience to help you develop a floor plan to meet your and your customer’s needs.

Given the medical marijuana industry’s rapid growth, it’s essential to consider customer diversity when developing your dispensary interior design. At LeVino Jones, we take the time to examine the range of customers that may visit your store. As we learn more about your operation, we can determine where your dispensary fits into the market and execute an intentional design plan to fit your niche.



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Our Medical Retail Work

We needed schematic plans prepared in three possible locations to help us ultimately decide which location would be the best for our new retail pharmacy. We found that the internet-based planning of those three spaces worked well! After downloading our plan backgrounds and discussed the program needs, we received the plan options for each of the proposed locations in a very timely manner. The plans we received were professionally presented, with attention paid to adjacency, storage needs, and room sizes. It was easy to review and discuss via phone and conference calls. We ultimately decided on which location would be best for us based on those plans we received. The process, organization, and attention to detail throughout the entire planning process made it feel like our design team was just next door. The result was a very build-able plan for our new space!

Kim Strafella, RN

We consider the following factors during our cannabis dispensary space planning process.



Our interior design professionals will dig deeper into who your company is as a brand and what sets you apart from other dispensaries. We will also consider what you want customers to assume as they walk into your store. Brand personality is more than just a company image — it includes the environment you wish to create for your customers.

State Requirements

Our expert team is familiar with the state requirements associated with cannabis dispensary design and can help you navigate regulations. For example, depending on your state, we can help you navigate design requirements such as creating a secure check-in area or having one budtender per customer. The LeVino Jones team will help you understand best practices and restrictions before starting your design and layout.

Customer Experience

Your dispensary’s layout will impact each customer differently. As you work with us to develop a flow, ensure it matches how you wish your customers to feel in your dispensary. For example, if you would like your dispensary to have an educational focus, our team can center your design on informational content.


As part of our comprehensive space planning for dispensaries, we will incorporate inventory management into your design. Different layouts impact how you manage your inventory, and our design team will work to create a plan to impact the inventory management and auditing process.


Since your staff will interact with your design the most, they are a significant factor in our design process. We will consider elements such as how many employees you have, the different roles your staff performs and state requirements.


If you are redesigning an existing space, it may place some restraints on your dispensary interior design. When space planning for dispensaries, we will consider existing elements such as windows, doors and lighting to enhance your location.


As we learn more about your company and goals, we will take the time to understand your customers. We will reference your current clientele and target demographic to create a cannabis dispensary experience that attracts new visitors.

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Attracting and retaining customers for your medical marijuana dispensary begins with an effective interior design. Whether you are moving into a new facility or enhancing your current space, LeVino Jones is here to provide expert design services. We proudly service clients across the United States and can meet remotely to discuss your goals.