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neurosurgery center waiting room with a brown accent wall, wall height windows and a check-in counter

What We Do

LeVino Jones has over 30 years of experience designing health care spaces to help improve patient experiences. Whether you’re moving to a new building or suite or updating your current location, our affordable medical design consulting services will ensure your space is functional and allows for an easily maintained space that supports staff and patient flow.

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Our Design Process & Approach to Healthcare

Our team is in constant communication with our clients throughout the design process to learn about their needs, space requirements and restrictions and overall vision for their design. We will then create several layout options from the input we receive. These layouts consider factors such as reduced visual clutter and intuitive wayfinding. With our efficient design services, we help your practice save time and money while enjoying a customized design plan that meets your exact needs.

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Our streamlined medical interior design services use a comprehensive four-step process:

Kirkland Cancer Center corridor with 3D photo wall mountings and modern fixtures

1. Programming & Space Planning

During the evaluation stage, our team will:

  • Develop and create a list of your current space needs and sizes.
  • Design a basic plan to demonstrate how your space needs “fit” within your building or suite.
  • Create a more developed plan to showcase walls, doors, room names and room sizes.
  • Describe the entire scope of the work for an accurate project pricing estimate.
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Eastside Women's care room view with wood accent walls, modern fixtures and decor

2. Design Development

Once we complete the evaluation stage, our team will move into the design step. During this stage, we will work with you to:

  • Verify existing site conditions such as plumbing, lighting and more. Once we complete this evaluation, we will update our design plans and make an inventory of existing features such as hardware, doors and lighting for reuse.
  • Determine specific needs relative to cabinetry, doors, walls and other equipment. Our team may also discuss phasing if you need additional work done within your existing building or suite.
  • Complete all permittable, stamped documents for the bidding and construction process.
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cancer treatment reception area

3. Construction Documents & Administration

Depending on the client needs and location, our team will provide construction administration by:

  • Based on approved plan, working with clients to prepare documents for construction to include details, power and communication needs, lighting, cabinetry and finishes.
  • Releasing documents to begin the bidding process.
  • Evaluating and assisting in the bid award.
  • Utilizing a “value engineering” exercise to reduce project costs if needed.
  • Performing owner’s agent duties, such as monitoring site construction to ensure it adheres to medical standards, verifying drawings, approving payments and answering contractor questions.
  • Completing a final walk-through after finishing construction to identify outstanding work or build issues.
  • Collecting as-built drawings, attic stock and warranties.
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Kirkland Cancer Center's imaging equipment with calming lighting

4. Completion & Refinement

The fourth and final step of our professional health care design process involves finishing touches to help your newly enhanced space reach its full potential. Due to our many decades in business, we have formed working relationships with numerous retailers and can direct you to where you can purchase specific pieces to best complement your space. Our team can help you with many of the smaller details, such as:

  • Selecting and specifying which furniture and fabrics are appropriate to your practice’s image and function.
  • Helping you find and purchase artwork for common areas or offices.
  • Designing logo walls and signage to identify rooms in context to your space’s image and function.


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Unique lighting and ornate seating counter with stools
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During our many years in business, LeVino Jones has designed over 12 million square feet of medical space. Our design team also has more than 100 years of combined design experience, making us a knowledgeable and experienced choice for enhancing your health care space. To learn more about how our streamlined medical design services can benefit your practice, request a no-obligation consultation with a member of our expert team today.