Lab and Pharmacy Design

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Pharmacies & Diagnostic Centers

Is your pharmacy easily accessible? Does your laboratory’s layout improve workflow, or does it hinder productivity? If the current interior design of your pharmacy or lab is not benefiting your health care practice, it may be time for a remodel.

At LeVino Jones, we’re here to help your lab and pharmacy reach their full potential through effective interior design. With user-focused space compositions, we will ensure your pharmacy and lab allow for maximum productivity.

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Medical Lab Design Services

Every health care environment should be as unique as its specialty. To better understand what sets your lab and pharmacy apart, we begin the design process with an in-depth questionnaire to learn more about your mission and layout goals. Some of our many design services include revamping layouts and providing interior design consulting for:

  • Pharmaceutical offices
  • Radiology centers
  • Diagnostic labs
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Impact of Effective Laboratory Design

A practical lab configuration can help improve workplace efficiency. Some ways our design consulting for diagnostic labs can impact your space’s safety, health and productivity include:

  1. Fulfilling users’ needs: Our team starts the medical lab space planning process by determining how many people will use the lab and what actions will take place in the lab.
  2. Reducing everyday accidents: A layout design for medical testing centers with safety in mind lowers the risk of accidents. The LeVino Jones team will ensure users have adequate space that meets all safety regulations.
  3. Creating a layout suitable for all lab activities: By developing a lab design with the correct accommodations, there is a lower chance of wasted lab space. Proper floor plans for medical imaging centers also ensure researchers can carry out their work without impeding workflow.
  4. Focusing on work with decreased risk of emergencies: Our expert design team will ensure your lab space meets all codes and regulations. During our design consultation for imaging centers and other facilities, we will include well-marked exits and ventilation systems based on user activity.
  5. Adapting to future needs: We ensure our designs are flexible to allow you to alter the space for current and prospective users, such as adding ventilation and workbenches.

Impact of Effective Pharmacy Design

The pharmacy is often the most accessible and centralized location of any health care facility, requiring a design that enables safe and easy management. When you partner with the LeVino Jones team for pharmacy space planning, we aim to provide interior design that improves staff productivity and comfort by:

  • Protecting pharmacists from interruptions, noise and uncomfortable temperatures with pharmacy space planning
  • Reducing stress and visual fatigue through optimal lighting and appropriate colors and work surfaces
  • Minimizing wasted time, space and motion
  • Reducing fatigue and risk of injury with correct flooring materials
  • Facilitating workflow through decreased fill time, reduced clutter and optimized staff utilization
  • Creating pharmacy floor plans that provide flexibility for future expansion or changes

Our Lab and Pharmacy Design Process

Whether you need to redesign your current space or would like expert consulting for a new building, LeVino Jones has the experience and knowledge to bring your vision to life. Our streamlined four-step process creates customized solutions by:

  1. Programming and space planning: Our team will take the time to understand your needs to develop an accurate scope of work.
  2. Design development: The design team will verify existing site conditions and determine specific needs such as cabinetry and other equipment.
  3. Construction documents and administration: We perform construction administration services based on your location and specific site needs.
  4. Completion and refinement: The final step of the design process involves finishing touches such as selecting furniture and designing logos and signage to identify lab and pharmacy spaces.
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Learn More About the LeVino Jones Design Process Today

With 100 years of combined experience, our Atlanta, GA design team will approach every project with expert knowledge and attention to detail. To learn more about our design consulting for pharmacies and labs, request a no-obligation consultation today!