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Multi-Location Branding for Medical Offices

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Multi-Location Branding & Standards

Creating consistent branding across multiple locations offers many benefits, such as connecting different offices, enhancing the patient experience and boosting employee morale. It creates a recognized visual and multisensory connection between what your patient or client needs, and what you do best.

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Our Branding Services

At LeVino Jones, we are recognized for our considerate approach to medical interiors and the importance of incorporating our client’s message into the interior. This can be as simple as using the practice’s logo colors and shapes in repeating interior design elements or providing full standards for floor plans, equipment, or decor. All of these components work together to create a case for your expertise and specialty while controlling cost and availability through standardization.

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Some multi-location branding services for medical offices include the following:

Our team will ensure that doorway details, plumbing fixtures, windows and more are uniform in all practice locations.

During the design process, our team will work with you to incorporate your office’s branding palette while meeting your budget with products such as:

  • Flooring
  • Wallcoverings
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Accent light fixtures and base mold
  • Accent wall finishes, including product and color specifications

As part of our health care branding techniques for multiple offices, our team will help you purchase furniture locally for all clinical and nonclinical areas. We will also discuss finish and upholstery options to ensure each piece is uniform across multiple locations.

We will provide photographs and specifications for purchasing thematic artwork. Our team can incorporate personal pictures that define your office philosophy, services or expertise or utilize beautiful and calming nature scenes from a local art source.

We will work with your office to provide dimensions and products to create a logo wall. We ensure your signage is Americans with Disabilities Act Standards (ADA) compliant and determine if you require precautionary signage.

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LeVino Jones’ innovative approach to interior design for multi-location providers will allow you to create consistent branding across multiple medical office sites, whether you need signage consistency or a framework for full building layouts. Complete our contact form to connect with our expert team and learn more about how you can unify and strengthen your multi-location or nationwide practice!