Fertility Clinic Interior Design

corner of a waiting room with warm wood walls and abstract paintings on the walls

At LeVino Jones, we understand visiting a fertility clinic can be a time of profound transformation. Your design should ensure your patients feel comfortable and welcome throughout their visit and emulate your practice’s compassion. Our team will help elevate your in vitro fertilization clinic’s design for a better patient and provider experience.

Understanding the patient journey helps us create a design that welcomes and nurtures patients. Our team has over 106 years of combined experience developing compelling designs for various medical practices. We will take the time to establish your patients and their needs.

The main goal of our fertility clinic design process is to create a positive space for patients and a functional environment for providers. During your design process, we will emphasize elements like natural lighting, intuitive way-finding and aesthetics to ensure your office is practical for all.


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What Sets Our IVF Clinic Interior Design Apart

Our team understands the importance of creating a caring fertility clinic. As we develop your design, we will use this compassion as a touchpoint as we make decisions.

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As a company, we strive to create an environment in your fertility clinic unlike any other space you may imagine when considering a clinic or medical office. Some of the ways we will help elevate your design include the following.

Creating Texture

Since patients may spend an extended time in your practice, adding visual interest through textures and contrast is essential. Depending on your style preferences, our team can utilize locally made textiles, wall hangings and other design elements to embody the uniqueness of your practice.

Incorporating Natural Elements

Adding natural elements can help relax patients during treatment. We can add natural stone and greenery throughout your practice to channel a calming aesthetic.

Elevated Doorways

Your fertility clinic may symbolize more than just a medical practice to your patients. As patients transition from the street to the interior of your clinic, they may feel that they are entering a new phase of life. By incorporating design elements such as inviting doorways, design contrast and gentle music, we can ensure your patients have a positive experience from the second they enter your clinic.

Enhanced Color Palettes

One of the best ways to enhance your fertility clinic is by choosing colors to engage the senses. Our team can work with you to incorporate a few splashes of color into your design to add personality and life to your practice.

reception area for Reproductive Biology Associates with a rounded counter and logo wall
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Conceive a Cutting-Edge Fertility Clinic With LeVino Jones

Let the LeVino Jones team help you bring your vision for your fertility clinic to life. Our Atlanta team provides interior design for fertility clinics across the United States and can meet with you and your staff remotely or in person to discuss your design options. We are passionate about helping practices reach their full design potential and look forward to learning more about your design goals.