Medical Retail Interior Design

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Medical Retail

Many consumers are looking to maintain their health while they are still well, leading to a need to incorporate wellness into their daily lives through medical retail facilities. To meet consumer demands, medical retail facilities can design convenient and flexible spaces that allow them to adapt and meet changing customer needs.

At LeVino Jones, we pride ourselves on creating patient-centered spaces to allow for deeper connections between patient and provider. Whether you need design services for a walk-in retail clinic or medical dispensary, the team at LeVino Jones is here to bring your design vision to life.


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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Design Services
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Design Planning for Retail Health Care

Implementing an effective interior design for retail health centers can positively impact patient experiences while enabling providers to attract and retain patients. Many health care spaces have already seen a shift from conventional expectations of health care as patients seek interaction and the ability to help themselves rather than wait to receive a diagnosis. When you implement a practical design, your medical dispensary or retail space can spark greater engagement between the business and patients.

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LeVino Jones’ Retail Health Facility Interior Design Process

Our team constantly communicates with our clients during the entire design process to learn more about their needs, space requirements and overall design vision. From the input we receive, we create several layout options for clients to explore.

Our four-step design process includes:

  1. Programming and space planning for retail clinics: Our team will design multiple plans to demonstrate how your space needs fit within your building and showcase wall, door and room sizes.
  2. Design development: During the second phase of the design process, our team will create floor plans for public health facilities by verifying existing site conditions and determining specific design needs such as cabinetry and other equipment.
  3. Construction documents and administration: Based on your design needs and your site’s location, our team will provide construction administration services. These actions include preparing documents for construction, reducing project costs and completing a final walk-through to identify any outstanding work. 
  4. Completion and refinement: After completing construction on your newly enhanced medical retail or public health space, our team will perform the finishing touches. These actions include selecting and specifying furniture and fabrics or designing logos and walls for cohesive messaging across multiple rooms and locations.

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Schedule a No-Obligation Consultation for Your Medical Retail Facility Today

Throughout LeVino Jones’ 30+ years in business, our team has designed over 12 million square feet of medical interiors. When you choose us, you will have access to our full range of industry knowledge for expert design services that comply with local and federal codes. We serve clients across the country and can complete the entire layout process remotely. Schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team today to learn more about how our services can benefit your practice.